Travel scholarship to Portugal

In June this year I was so lucky to receive a travel scholarship of the Brothers E., S. og A.s Larsens. The scholarship makes it possible for me to travel to Portugal several times this year and inspire my art project about meditative art. An art project that will be exhibited in Grønbechs gård ( in 2017, and that explores how to express a most profound and serene state of being:

During my last visit to Portugal I went to Alentejo to visit Mooji, a spiritual leader in meditation whose ashram is situated in monte Sahaja. It was the most beautiful experience and I want to share these words by him:

"The person is noisy and seeks peace, but cannot find it.
Peace is not a gift one receives from outside.
Paradoxically, it arises from within when the 'person',
who appears to be seeking it, is seen to be unreal.
Trust. When there is true urge to find Truth, grace reveals what mind cannot.
Peace is here, behind the mind, awaiting recognition.
It is unmixed Presence—timelessly present.

It is synonymous with your true Self but not with your person.

You exist without the 'person' but the 'person' cannot exist without you,
for it is not sentient, whereas You are.

Turn your attention within and discern the Real from the unreal."

~ Mooji