A revisit to Barcelona and the museums of Miro and Picasso!

More than ten years ago I did my art foundation course in Barcelona, and it was one of the most inspirational years of my life. These days I am revisiting the city for the first time since my study. Unluckily the city has changed so much - from being an artist paradise into becoming a tourist paradise… Before the city used to have street art everywhere, of all original kinds. Until now I have only managed to find one street with street art!However the museums of Miro and Picasso are still the same, and are worth every visit to Barcelona! The Miro museum is one of my favourite museums, Miro’s explorations on art and his thoughts behind are so deep and also reveals an interest in my theme of silence! And to see how these two great artists have play around like children in all directions with their artworks is so nice :-)

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